ASEAN Job Fair 2015

Last Minute Details




Venue  : Akiba Square, AKIBA UDX 2F (see map here)
Date : 12th January 2014 (Sunday)
Time : 12:00 ~ 18:30

Time Schedule
Registration : 12:00 ~
Seminar         : 12:30 ~13:15
Job Fair         : 13:15 ~18:00
Lucky draw   : 18:00 ~18:30

*Important note: To be eligible to receive transport subsidies, participant  MUST  register at the registration counter  by 12:30. Late registrants will not be entertained.


  • Things to bring:
    1. Notebook
    2. Stationery (eg. Pen, pencil)
    3. CV/Resume (optional)
  • Reminders about the job fair:
    1. Please wear  formal/business attire to the event.
    2. Please arrive and register  by 12:30. We recommend participants (especially those who want to receive  transport subsidies) to arrive early, as the registration counter is expected to be crowded at 12:30.
    3. We highly recommend you to bring your CV or Resume, as some companies may conduct a walk-in interview during the event if they are interested in hiring you.
    4. Join the seminar at 12:30. There will be seniors with experience of job hunting, and also professionals from recruitment companies that will be giving last minute-tips about job hunting.
  • Reminders about job hunting:
    • Do your best to visit as many companies’ booths during the event. We recommend this as you may be able to discover new career opportunities and options from diverse corporations.
    • Plan out your time wisely. Time is limited and it is unlikely that each participant will be able to visit booths of all 24 companies (see list here).
  • Prepare a basic set of questions to inquire to each company. This will help you better manage your time, as well as help you later on to compare companies that meet your preference. (see here for an example of questions to ask)


List of Companies

  1. Hitachi Automotive Systems 日立オートモティブシステムズ株式会社   
  2. Starts Corporation スターツコーポレーション
  3. Toshiba Corporation (株)東芝 
  4. Relo Group リログループ
  5. Panasonic Corporation パナソニック(株)
  6. Sekisui Plastics CO., Ltd 積水化成品工業(株
  7. JCB Co., Ltd (株)ジェーシービー 
  8. Naxis Co. Ltd ナクシス(株)
  9. Unicharm ユニ・チャーム(株)
  10. Okaya & Co., Ltd 岡谷鋼機(株)
  11. Konica Minolta, Inc. コニカミノルタ(株)
  12. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd 川崎重工業(株)
  13. CAC Corporation (株)シーエーシー
  14. Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd ダイハツ工業(株
  15. NEC Corporation  日本電気(株)
  16. Univance Corporation (株)ユニバンス
  17. CAPCOM Co., Ltd (株)カプコム
  18. Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. (株)セブン-イレブン・ジャパン
  19. Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd 住友電気工業(株)
  20. Keyport Solutions,INC (株)キーポート・ソリューションズ
  21. Nippon Express Company, Limited 日本通運(株)
  22. Kurita Water Industries Ltd. 栗田工業(株)
  23. System EXE ㈱システムエグゼ 
  24. Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd. 日産自動車(株)